Dr. Bach’s Birthday

Today, September 24th is the day of us, BFRP, as we remember the birthday of Dr. Edward Bach.
I think a good way to remember him is sharing the speech he gave on his last birthday, two months before he died.

“We all know the same illness may take us quite differently: if Tommy gets measles, he may be irritable, Sissy may be quiet and drowsy, Johnny wants to be petted, little Peter may be all nerves and fearful, Bobbie wants to be left alone, and so on.
Now if disease has such different effects, it is certain it is no use treating the disease alone; it is better to treat Tommy, Sissy, Johnny, Peter and Bobbie and get them each well, and then “goodbye” the measles.
What is important to impress upon you is that it is not the measles which gives the guide to the cure, but it is the way the little one is affected: and the particular patient needs.
And just as moods guide us to the treatment in illness, so also they may warn us ahead of a complaint approaching and enable us to stop the attack.
Little Tommy comes home from school unusually tired, or drowsy or irritable, or wanting to be bussed, or perhaps left alone and so no. He is “not quite himself” as we say. Kind neighbours come in and say “Tommy is sickening for something, you will have to wait”. But why wait: if Tommy is treated then according to his mood, he may very soon again be turned from “not quite himself” into “quite himself”, when whatever illness was threatened will not occur.
And so with any of us: before almost all complaints there is usually a time of not being quite fit or a bit run down: that is the time to treat our condition, get fit and stop things going any further.
Prevention is better than cure, and these remedies help us in a wonderful way to get well, and to protect ourselves from attack of things unpleasant.”
Dr. Edward Bach, September 24th 1936

Note: Bach Remedies are not a treatment for physical conditions or for diseases as such, and they are not a substitute for necessary medical treatment. Obviously, if a person has an infection then they need to see a doctor. The Bach Remedies however, can assist the healing process by easing the associated emotional state and encouraging a return of balance. Whatever the illness, the basis for selection of the Bach Remedies lies in the emotional outlook and mood of the person.