The Remedies at Work

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Dr. Bach said we should “accept the remedies as part of life”.

The same way we accept food and water to nourish our physical body, we should accept the Bach Flower remedies to balance our emotions.
When we feel that we are going through a negative emotional state, a particular flower remedy is there to help us. Other times, when we go through a challenging situation, we need a remedy mix. Also, when we are working on improving ourselves and incorporating a certain virtue, we need to take our type remedy. Or, at least, which we think is our type remedy at this point.
Someone asked me how the remedies help when we go through a situation that is completely out of our hands. How do they change that situation that we don’t like? They do not. The remedies help us balance ourselves to see things from another perspective, respond differently, find solutions that were out of sight before, and sometimes, we simply don’t care for that situation anymore.

An example from my own experience: I was terribly homesick. I was missing my family and my childhood home. I was crying daily. After one day of using that flower remedy, I was feeling fine. One week later, my situation didn’t change, but my feelings did. The sadness was gone. While I was still far away and loving my family, I was able to feel happiness anyways. It was like magic!

Another example from my own experience: Usually when I get angry at someone, I frown my face, stop talking, and cross my arms. I don’t even think about it. It’s my automatic response. Well, one day, after three months of taking my remedies mix, I was very sick and taking antibiotics. I had to take a plane to return home. The trip was 9 ½ hours long. I sat on my seat, covered with a blanket, and I was ready to sleep my way back home. Suddenly, an angry lady sat next to me. I couldn’t sleep. She was talking furiously and looking in every direction with a crazed look. After a few minutes, another lady sat on the other side of the hall, and they started talking non-stop. They were friends!
I got truly angry at their lack of consideration for the other passengers around them. I felt awfully bad from my illness and all I wanted (and needed) was to sleep! As usual, I frowned my face, didn’t talk, and crossed my arms. Suddenly, I had a moment of illumination. I thought, I have two options: keep feeling this miserable for 9 ½ hours or I could do something about it. No clue what. But I was determined.
I walked to the seat next to the second lady and asked the passenger if they would switch seats with the angry lady. They said no. At the same time, the angry lady jumped from her seat and began to scream at me that she was not going to move. Very calmly and politely, I told her that I thought she would enjoy sitting next to her friend. I sat again in my seat, resigned to my bad luck.
The angry lady felt so bad for being so aggressive to me, that she began telling me all her problems as though making an excuse for her behavior.
I asked her if she had ever heard of Bach Flowers. The angry lady exploded again shouting at me, “Do you want to drug me?” Again, very calmly and politely, I replied “No, madam. That’s on you, if you want to take a pill. I only asked you if you tried the Bach Flower Remedies, which are natural remedies that help with emotions.” She stopped talking and looked suspiciously at me. Her friend, who was listening, jumped into the conversation and started asking me more about the Bach Flowers. She wrote everything I told her. She was so impressed that she asked me to treat them. I told her that I couldn’t do it because I was only a student at that time. I explained to them how to find a practitioner. She was looking forward to arriving to be able to call a practitioner. After two hours of dealing with these special ladies, I was ready to sleep. Finally!
As I was falling sleep, I realized that it was the first time I reacted differently when angry. I knew that the only possible reason was that I had been taking the remedies for three months. I was impressed with the remedies and very proud of myself.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)